Friday, March 6, 2009

Pathetic Suburban Males' Grill Club

I discovered a new foodie/cooking blog that's sizzling: Pathetic Suburban Males' Grill Club ( It's a bunch of guys who live in and around the western suburbs of Chicago who love to cook and write about their cooking success stories, as well as their trials and tribulations. It's a fun site that's worth visiting.

Happy Eating! Mr. Foodie

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Black Forest Strikes Again!

Chef/Proprietor Walter Staib was awarded Entrée of the Year at Philadelphia Magazine’s 2009 Philly Cooks! Chef Competition on Monday, February 23 at Liberty Place.

He competed against more than 50 of the Philadelphia region’s top restaurants/chefs, wowing judges with his Paupiette of Brook Trout - A fillet of brook trout stuffed with crabmeat, wrapped in leek, poached in white wine, mushroom cream sauce, salmon caviar garni, turned red potatoes. The award-winning dish will be available through Philly Cooks! Week as part of the special four-course menu for two for $75.00.

The dish, featured in Staib’s popular cookbook, Black Forest Cuisine: The Classic Blending of European Flavors, pays tribute to the many classic French recipes and numerous trout dishes prepared in the region.

City Tavern is an historic restaurant that provides the interpretive experience of dining in the 18th century. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily from 11:30 a.m, and is located at 138 South 2nd Street, at the northwest corner of Second and Walnut Streets in historic Old City Philadelphia.

I've dined at City Tavern and you have experience the 18th century yourself if you visit Philadelphia. Here's a picture of Chef Staib and me toasting a pint during my visit. For more information, call the Tavern at 215.413.1443, or visit

Happy Eating! Mr. Foodie

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Kitchen is Open, Again

After a very long hiatus, Glen Ellyn Restaurant Reviews & News is back on line and has been rebranded as Foodie Public Relations. "Foodie" is a media relations specialist, which is based in Glen Ellyn, IL, for the hospitality industry. During these challenging economic times restaurants need help to keep their businesses growing and customers loyal. Here's an overview of Foodie's profile and how the company can help the hospitality industry.

About Foodie Public Relations
We are a full-service public relations agency specializing in media relations for the hospitality industry — restaurants, chefs, specialty food products and services, spirits and beverages, travel, and lifestyle.

Founded by Rob Benes, Foodie’s goal is to help each client grow its business through brand recognition and customer loyalty. We do this by developing successful, proactive communication plans and promotional strategies through our 5-Phase Integrated Communications Program.

• Phase 1: Initial Consultation
• Phase 2: Strategic Planning and Research
• Phase 3: Targeted Implementation
• Phase 4: Comprehensive Follow up
• Phase 5: Evaluation and Assessment

Foodie Public Relations customizes each communications program to meet each client’s unique needs through creative thinking and strategic problem solving. We partner with you, immerse ourselves in your company’s culture, and become part of your team so we can deliver results.

Media Relations Strategy
Skillful delivery of the right message to the right audience can mean the difference between winning acclaim for your restaurant/service/product and failure to meet sales goals, gain brand reputation, and earn repeat business.

Foodie Public Relations places media relations strategy at the core of every integrated communications program. Our 5-Phase Integrated Communications Program helps develop the right message and choose the right communications vehicle to deliver your message to the right audience.

Brand Marketing
Foodie Public Relations understands the power of a brand. By developing business-to-consumer brand strategies we can impact short-term behavior and choice, as well as build long-term brand preference.

By employing strategic and creative planning, we are able to deliver powerful communication programs that reach target audiences and achieve measurable results.

Strategies employed include:
• Blogging
• Brand Development
• Cross Marketing
• Entertainment Marketing
• Product Publicity and Launches
• Social Networking
• Special Events Marketing
• Retail Marketing
• Word-of-Mouth Marketing
• And more

Marketing Communications Services
Foodie Public Relations can get the word out about your restaurant/product/service and develop a brand-value position that captures the attention of media and builds customer loyalty. We work with you to establish your marketing goals and use media relations, the internet, and other marketing communications vehicles to tell your story and help your business grows.

Our services include:
• Coordinate media tours and events
• Conduct e-blasts and blogging
• Develop compelling press kits and releases
• Facilitate cross promotions
• Perform coaching and media training
• Promote retail special events
• And more

Fees & Expenses
Each client has unique communications needs. Fees and expenses are based on the scope of your specific communications program.

For more information, contact: Rob Benes (aka, Mr. Foodie), President, Foodie Public Relations 630.913.6289,