Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Scrumptious Pantry - Press Release

Real Food From Real People
The Scrumptious Pantry offers handcrafted food from the heartlands of Italy

THE SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY is dedicated to improving the quality of food put on consumers’ plates! It represents 21 very special food items from Tuscany, Piemonte and Emilia-Romagna, Italy that are sourced from family farms and artisan producers that cannot be found in the United States.

Items include Durum Wheat Pasta, Risotto Rice, Cornmeal, Tomato Jam with Grappa, Green Tomato Jam, Tuscan Red Onion Chutney, Sun-Dried Tomato Spread, Eggplant Spread, All-Purpose Herbed Salt (Roasting & Grilling Salt), Balsamic Dressing Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cantucci Tuscan Almond Cookies, Brutti Ma Buoni Italian Hazelnut Cookies and more.

All 21 items are carefully made in small-batches without the use of artificial flavors, conserving agents or other artificial ingredients. They are lovingly produced by farmers in the field and artisans in the kitchen, respecting local traditions and tastes, harvesting only the best crops and using the finest ingredients to create food that touches your soul. So what is made is real food from real people!

It’s Roberta and Guilio who tend to their eggplants and tomatoes and captures Tuscany’s sunny fields in their vegetable spreads and herbs. It’s Carlo who grows durum wheat that goes into his conchiglie, farfalle and rigatoni pastas. It’s Barbara and Fabio who transforms their tomato and onion crops into tantalizing spreads, chutneys and jellies.

Founded by Lee Greene in 2008, THE SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY is an umbrella brand that guides consumers in identifying artisan food products. Each product is uniquely packaged proudly picturing the actual producer on the label.

“Consumers have been embracing the concept of ‘From Farm To Table’. They want to know where their food is grown and what is in it,” Greene says. “THE SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY raises this concept to the next level of packaged goods because so far it has been limited to fresh produce – farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Plus, having been a farmer myself, I know that it’s so much more fulfilling for the producer if the fruit of their labor is appreciated as being real food.”

THE SCRUMPITOUS PANTRY and the artisans it works with invites you to join them in their commitment to the return of good taste and safe food, believing that success comes from a willingness to provide the best-tasting and freshest products that can be grown and found.

About The Scrumptious Pantry
THE SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY, founded by Lee Greene in 2008, represents a line of 21 food items from the heartlands of Italy. Focused on direct collaboration with independent specialty food stores and delicatessens, THE SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY is available throughout the United States. For a complete listing of where to buy items, visit THE SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY is the artisan specialty food line of Rye, N.Y.-based Faithful to Foods, Inc. Greene also is the General Manager of Tenuta di Poggio, a boutique vineyard located in Tuscany.