Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Dinner

Twelve adults and five children will be joining me at my dining room table for Easter dinner on Sunday. So today begins my mis en place (ie, preparing to cook) the Easter feast.

While I (and my wife) have cooked the entire meal for our family in the past, this year everyone has been assigned a dish (the hors d'oeuvre, sides, and desserts). I will be preparing the two main dishes (a traditional Easter ham, and instead of leg of lamb I'll be preparing a Mediterranean-style stuffed boned-out leg of leg).

Hors d'oeuvres will include the ubiquitous deviled eggs (from my brother's family) and an antipasto plate (from my Italian Aunt Edith).

I want to have a soup and salad, but that's too much work, too much time, and too many plates, so I'm trying a soup/salad combo: Caesar Salad Soup. Don't pass judgement until you try it. It's different, but it's very flavorful and still crunchy.

My mother is in charge of the two side dishes (straightforward Brussels sprouts and green beans a al paysanne). A delicious homemade potato salad is being prepared by my mother in law, too.

I haven't decided what kind of roll will be served, but it'll be a yeast-based variety.

Desserts will included a cheese service (compliments of my brother's family), the traditional lamb cake (from my mom), a chocolate mousse pie from my sister-in-law's partent, and my mother in law is going to bring a special treat.

Wines are still being decided, although my father in law is contributing as is my mom and dad.

I'll keep you posted on the menu as I moved along and will take pictures.

Happy Eating! Mr. Foodie