Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

A college friend and fellow TKE, Steve Chanos, Master Developer/Owner at Chanos Bros, LLC, just opened Wisconsin's first Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Milwaukee in the Chase Tower (111 East Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 130).

I attended the family and friend's opening this past Saturday and was amazed at the quality of food being served -- as well as the friendly service.

I tried the "The Bobbie®", which as been nationally acclaimed as a best-seller, made with homemade Turkey, cranberry Sauce, stuffing, and mayo; and I tried the "Capastrami" with hot Pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian Dressing, and cole slaw! Outstanding!

Capriotti's also offers a number of hot items, signature sandwiches, vegetarian subs, meaty subs and other types of sandwiches.

I definitely recommend visiting a shop if one is in your area. Visit their web site at www.capriottis.com for locations, menu and other information.

Happy Eating! Mr. Foodie