Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Roasting and Grilling Salt

Salt – The Spice of Life!

Roasting and Grilling Fine Sea Salt is an all-purpose seasoning spice

For every meal there’s one thing people generally reach for before they even take a bite – the salt shaker. Salt is one of the oldest spices used and is a key component to humans, animals and plants. Its flavor is unique and versatile. Salt has been a staple throughout time.

The Scrumptious Pantry offers an herbed Roasting and Grilling Salt that can be used as an all-purpose seasoning salt in salads, sauces, soups, and main dishes! It’s perfect for outdoor barbecuing, too!

The salt’s fresh aromatic herbs (sage, rosemary, bay leave, garlic) and lemon peel mixed with fine Italian sea salt will enhance all types of food no matter the cooking method. It is produced by proud farmers Roberta and Giulio who live close to Vinci, in Tuscany. They follow organic agricultural practices and handpick the garlic, lemons, sage, rosemary and bay leaves. They carefully mix the fresh herbs with Italian sea salt, letting the herbs slowly dry in the salt to conserve the aromas at their very best and to find that perfect balance of ingredients.

Please find two easy recipes below. Keep cooking and enjoying your meals with family and friends!

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About The Scrumptious Pantry

The Scrumptious Pantry is “Real Food from Real People.” All of our food items are made in small batches that come from family farms that embrace the traditional philosophies of farming and the importance of growing crops as safely as possible through natural means. In the kitchen traditional artisan techniques are followed to create culinary treasures that do not include any additives, fillers or preservatives—only estate-grown ingredients, passion and the belief that food is nourishment for the body and soul. Each product proudly displays the farmer whose name it carries to show they stand behind what they grow and make. From our farms to your table we pledge to provide a difference you can taste. Visit www.scrumptiouspantry.com to learn more.


Fish on the Grill

1 3-pound whole sea bass, cleaned and without scales
Fresh parsley, as need
1 lemon, sliced
3 tablespoons Roberta’s Roasting and Grilling Salt
6 tablespoons Cosimo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Method (1) Preheat grill to 350°F. (2) Place the whole, cleaned fish on a piece of aluminum foil big enough to wrap it in foil completely. (3) Stuff fish with parsley and lemon slices. (4) Rub the fish generously with Roasting and Grilling Salt and drizzle the Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the fish. (5) Close aluminum wrap well, place package in center of grill and cook for approximately 20 minutes.

Note: Use caution when opening aluminum package because there will be hot steam escaping.

Summer Frittata

2 tablespoons Cosimo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 medium potatoes, sliced
6 eggs
3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon Roberta’s Roasting and Grilling Salt
Black pepper, as needed
12 cherry tomatoes

Method (1) In a non-stick frying pan, sauté sliced potatoes in two tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and let cool slightly. (2) In a separate bowl beat eggs, mixing them with cheese, Roasting and Grilling Salt and black pepper. (3) Halve the cherry tomatoes and add them and the potatoes into egg mixture. (4) Combine well before pouring mixture frying pan and cook over medium heat, turning once, until potatoes are fork tender. Enjoy hot or cold.

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Happy Eating! Mr. Foodie